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Real-time learning. Real-life success.

Unlock in-demand skills with real-time educational case studies.

Learnopia case studies open the door to real-world industry challenges through meticulously crafted virtual learning scenarios based on real-time industry problems.  

Each case study is custom developed to provide a rich and dynamic learning experience for learners of all shapes and sizes. Aligning with the vision for Work Integrated Learning (WIL),  case studies are tailored for learning institutions by mapping course learning objectives with practical real-life work scenarios. 

These powerful virtual learning scenarios result in enriched course curricula and students gaining practical experience that extends beyond traditional classroom and work placements.

Advanced Learners

WIL students and future workers develop real-life skills in a safe and fun environment.


College & university programs are enhanced with real-time learning through real-life industry scenarios.


Organizations are connected to skilled workers with proven capabilities based on practical experience.

Dynamic Virtual Work Scenarios

Every case study is an immersive virtual work scenario designed to transform learners into highly skilled and experienced consultants.

Flexible in duration and tightly aligned with learning objectives, these scenarios empower learners to tackle real-world challenges and produce actionable outcomes, preparing them for success in their future careers.

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Practical Learning. Real World Relevance.

Learning scenarios are strategically designed to align with specific learning outcomes; all while addressing genuine industry problems.

Every scenario challenge is sourced through extensive research and direct industry relationships, ensuring that learners tackle authentic, real-life issues.  Learners are provided with valuable, hands-on learning experiences.

Elevating Knowledge and Skill Transfer

Learners are provided with enhanced skills; a combination of academic understanding and industry experience.

A new way of learning that elevates skill development and transfer of the skills that are relevant to industry performance and growth. 

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Fun, yet realistic, virtual scenarios based on real-life organizations.


Skill development matched to industry problems and based on expert knowledge.


Fully custom and personalized case studies, delivered in record time.

How It Works

Step 1: Set Goals

Learning objectives are set and configured to appropriate case study models and desired learning outcomes & deliverables.

Step 2: Map to Industry

Learning objectives are mapped to real-time industry problems through research and AI.

Step 3: Creative Writing

Fun and creative narratives are applied to business scenarios,  based on learning objectives and industry problems.

Step 4: Participation

Learners engaged with virtual learning scenarios, produce deliverables and develop valuable in-demand skills.

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Real time learning. Real life success.
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